Paul Logistics Inc. Rail Group

We help you when it matters most, whether dealing with the Railroads, Leasing companies, or finding the right siding for your customers.

Give us a call and lets us help you:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Service
  • Improve value for spend
  • Provide another set of skill sets that does not exist internally
  • Your Intermodal Gateway

We Are Your Rail Source To Turn To For

  • Rail service design and setup for various types of commodities
  • Rail rate analysis and benchmarking with various railroads
  • Mileage determinations and analysis for rail vs road 
  • Demurrage management (Rail caused / Shipper caused)
  • Finding and evaluating new rail locations and sidings close to your customers for reduced transload fees
  • Fleet sizing and fleet asset strategy reviews
  • Help administer and negotiate fleet changes as required
  • Cross Border specialists

Proactive Shipment Monitoring

Focus on Your Business, Not the Railroads

  • Let Paul Logistics Inc.  Rail Services Group perform the daily railcar tracking and expediting of your shipments while you focus on less clerical tasks. We have a professional team that works with the railroads each and every day.

Shipment Monitoring Services

  • Exception Management: Work with rail carrier(s) to facilitate movement of problematic railcars.
  • Full Service: Proactively track and trace railcars to identify potentially jeopardized shipments and work with rail carrier(s) to facilitate movement.
  • On Demand: As requested, investigate railcars to resolve outstanding issues.
  • Diversions: Submit and track railcar diversions.

Demurrage: Work with Railroads on your behalf to examine root cause and if Rail caused then seek relief of charges and if Customer cause help establish operating solutions

    Rail Rate Management

    Control Your Rail Rates

    • Paul Logistics Inc. provides rail rate procurement and rate database management services for various large Bulk shippers; either in a supporting or leading role. 

    Rate Management Services

    • Rate Estimates: Provide rate estimates utilizing our proprietary costing model.
    • Actual Quotes: Obtain published rates or work with the rail carrier(s) to obtain quotes.
    • Rate Database: Have rates and applicable details in the Paul Logistics rate database.
    • Fuel Surcharges: Adjust monthly fuel surcharge rates as changes are announced.
    • Tariffs: Monitor public tariff changes and update the rate database as needed
    • Rate Renewals: Play a supporting or lead role in the renegotiation of renewals.
    • Optimization: Conduct route analysis to determine optimal routing, even implementing and managing Thru rate and Rule 11 routes.

            Lease Expense vs Utilization

            Maximize the Productivity of Your Rail Fleet

            • Paul Logistics Inc. offers complete rail fleet management services, including the day-to-day positioning of cars, or managing railcar leases and examine lanes for demurrage charges  and car utilization vs lease expense

            Rail Fleet Administrative Services

            • Maintain Mechanical Database: Maintain equipment characteristics and fleet assignment in mechanical database. Work with MRU’s to help ensure speed and cost savings when it comes to car repair services.
            • Fleet Sizing: Conduct an analysis to allocate and balance railcars across locations to meet supply and demand requirements throughout North America
            • Maintain Lease Database: Maintain lease and rider details

            Invoice Audit and Payment: Perform audit and transact payment of lease invoices.

              Our Capabilities

              Transloading Capabilities

              Intermodal Service Offering

              Your Leader in Transloading and Rail Management Services throughout USA & Canada

              We help you:

              • Manage Rail Services
              • Release & Waybill Cars
              • Negotiate Rail Rates
              • Track & Trace Railcars
              • Manage Transload to Customers
              • Reduce Demurrage Fees
              • Rail Car Leasing

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